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Quality & Care


All of our covers are made of heavy quality ( "half panama" ) cotton. After printing and treatment, the tissue goes to a sewing studio specialized in high quality products. Each component (including yarn, zipper, zipper lock and even nametag) is of highest quality and made in Germany. The tissue is made in France.


All our covers are printed with reactive ink. 

We have tested the various tissue printing techniques and concluded that reactive ink printing is exactly what we need. This process is more delicate and complicated than classical "dye sublimation". It fixes the ink in the core of the tissue and delivers the most vibrant colors and excellent technical characteristics (identical to screen printing) while allowing to print on pure natural cotton.

The print supplier we've chosen has been certified with the Öko Tex Standard 100 Label (International testing and certification system for textiles), ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.

Please note that cotton is a natural material and may have slight irregularities which can cause tiny white spots in the print. There is no way for us to prevent this as it is part of the nature of the material, thus items will not be eligible for replacement or refund for this reason.

Care and washing Instructions

The finished pillow covers can get washed at 40˚C/104° F. Before being sewn together, the printed fabric undergoes washing procedures to avoid any staining.

The combination of high quality fabric, components and manufactory allows you to not only use the pillow covers as a decorative item, but they are also safe to sleep on. 

Our iPad Covers can be washed at 30°C/86° F. Ideally reverse them and stretch them back into shape while still wet. 

Pillow Fills/Inserts

Happy Covers does not support any form of animal cruelty. As it is nearly impossible to prove down wasn't plucked from live birds, we decided to use "non-organic" inserts only (optional). The fills get custom produced for us with a mixture of the best materials available. 

Note that: All of our covers are Made in Europe under highly responsible social conditions. All of our individual designs are under Copyright of Atelier Kurth in Luxembourg. Check out our website to explore our various design services.